Video Performances

Shelby, Mark Bruner and Rick Morton - Texas Eagle / Right Or Wrong

Shelby, Rick and Mark pertorm at the 2009 Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival in Guthrie, Oklahoma.

Mark Bruner and Shelby Eicher - 29 Ways

This video was produced from a TV show performance in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2008.

Rockin' Acoustic Circus

Shelby and Isaac Eicher join Rockin' Acoustic Circus on stage at the 2008 Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Rockin' Acoustic Circus is a group of super talented kids. Check out their website They have recorded several of my original compositions.

Roy Clark Live 1987 - Orange Blossom Special

This video was taken from the Roy Clark Live show in 1987. You can see and hear a much younger Shelby 7:45 from the beginning.

Cow Bop Route 66 Jam Session

Shelby playing his alto guitar (electric mandola) on See You In My Dreams.

Jamming with;

Bruce Foreman - Guitar

Whit Smith - Guitar

Rick Bentley - Banjo


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Video Performances




Playing with Rockin' Acoustic Circus at the Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival was fun for me and Isaac.

The 2009 Festival was great. Check out the latest videos.




Enjoy Roy Clark Live 1987. Geez, "Yesterday When I Was Young" has new meaning.